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Travelling around Mallorca: a visit to the Capelleta


Travelling around Mallorca: a visit to the Capelleta

The Capelleta is the gothic Church which is built to resemble the shrine of Bernadette in Lourdes.

Shirley Roberts09/07/2022 10:00

Blue skies in the Port.


Sparkling clean in Soller this week

We are all hoping that after our run of poor weather that Easter will be sunny and glorious.

Shirley Roberts12/04/2022 14:15

Low mists but never grey.


The Soul of Soller

Some are just looking for a change of scene and are not interested in the history or tradition.

Shirley Roberts29/03/2022 09:52

You can see my hubby’s shadow taking a photo of me with the stunning views of the coast and epic mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana in Puerto Soller.


Amanda Blog: And finally...

"On Sunday we decided to take it easy since the day before had been so eventful..."

Amanda Jeffrey21/09/2021 13:27

Balmy evenings


Spotlight on Soller: The Fun Begins

The 2021 season has begun, as people are back and restaurants are busy in the Soller Valley.

Shirley Roberts18/05/2021 15:29

hotel Jumeirah

Hotel Jumeirah

hotel Jumeirah

R.C. 11/05/2021

Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca


Nan’s Day Out for Easter 2021

Mimi, my middle granddaughter was my companion as we pointed the car in the direction of Esporles.

Shirley Roberts08/04/2021 13:45

Snowy peaks


‘To open or not open – that is the question’

The Orange Fiesta is being planned for May when low key local events will take place followed by the Orange menus at participating restaurants.

Shirley Roberts22/03/2021 15:52