Christian Arnsteiner leaving court on Wednesday. | Juan P. Martínez


Austrian Christian Arnsteiner, the owner of the Medusa Beach Club in Playa de Palma where four people lost their lives on May 23, was released by a Palma court on Wednesday afternoon, having been charged with reckless homicide (manslaughter). His passport was withdrawn and he will have to present himself to the court on the first of each month.

He was arrested by the National Police Homicide Squad earlier on Wednesday. As well as reckless homicide due to gross negligence, he was charged with causing serious injuries to six other people due to negligence.

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The roof terrace at the Medusa Beach Club collapsed shortly after 8.15pm on May 23. There shouldn't have been anyone on it, as it didn't have an activity licence and had been deemed 'non-trafficable'. However, there were people on the terrace, including a group of a dozen Dutch holidaymakers who were at a table in the centre of the terrace. It was this part of the terrace that gave way.

Police sources suggest that there could be further arrests and charges.