Coackroach alert!


A report in a British tabloid which suggested that Spain was under attack from cockroaches has left health inspectors in Spain stamping up down with rage and reaching for their spray guns! The National Association of Environmental Health Companies (ANECPLA) sought to kill the story with one quick swat stating that the situation was under control.

"ANECPLA categorically denies that Spain is in a situation of health alert due to the uncontrolled presence of pests. A nauseating picture that the British tabloid newspaper 'Daily Mirror' presented in its pages a few days ago, with the aim of scaring and dissuading British tourists from coming to our country to spend the summer this season.

"ANECPLA also denounces the fact that the aforementioned newspaper attributes statements on pests in Spain in its report to the general director of this Association, Jorge Galván, who at no time has given an interview to the Daily Mirror.

"ANECPLA fully rejects the alarmist and disproportionate view conveyed by the foreign newspaper, following information provided by the Association where it explained that climate change, with its rising temperatures and its extension of the warm months, accelerates the life cycle of cockroaches. A factor that is enhanced by the fact that cockroaches have been suffering, over the last few years, a series of random genetic alterations that in some cases make them resistant to the biocides conventionally used to control them.

"The news published by the English newspaper is clearly alarmist, with the clear objective of damaging the Spanish tourism sector," says Galván. "It is important to take perspective and be aware that, although high temperatures favour the appearance of cockroaches and other pests, the authorities and pest management companies in Spain are highly trained for any situation in this regard, working together in multiple cases with preventive and multidisciplinary approaches (One Health)."