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While the police, both National and Palma, are engaged in a constant battle with the drugs clans to contain the sale of drugs in the Son Banya shanty town, they have a new concern - the additional health risks because of adulterated cocaine.

As it is, the coke is cut, but the price of cocaine has risen to such an extent that the clans are now increasing the additional elements in order to maintain profit levels. According to the police, a kilo of cocaine now costs 41,000 euros, an increase of some 5,000 euros since the start of this year.

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The reason for the price increase is as a result of recent actions by the National Police and the Guardia Civil. This pressure has led the suppliers to Son Banya to up the price.

The dealers in Son Banya recognise that they need to keep the price per gram below a barrier of 60 euros. If not, customers will look elsewhere - Corea or La Soledad. The cuts to the cocaine are with chemicals and veterinary drugs, but the clans are also aware that they can't reduce the quality too much as this would also run the risk of losing custom. The police concern, however, is that a reduction in quality increases the risk of overdoses.

For now, sales at what is commonly referred to as Mallorca's drugs supermarket have been unaffected, the clans having once again erected a form of fortification. In part, this is designed to give them time to get rid of drugs if there are police raids.