The body of Michael Grant was found on C. Martín Ros García in Magalluf. | MDB


The death in Magalluf on Monday of 45-year-old Irish tourist Michael Grant remains a mystery.

The autopsy on Tuesday ruled out that he died as a result of having been hit by a car. Death was not due to cranial trauma, which is usual when there is a fatal accident. Nevertheless, the autopsy findings are not definitive. Samples have been sent to a laboratory on the mainland. The results will not be known for a few days.

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In addition, saliva samples were taken from two bite marks on his body - one on a shoulder blade, the other on the upper part of his chest. The Guardia Civil's Judicial Police, who are continuing with a homicide line of investigation, hope that DNA may identify who caused these, while they are seeking to establish whether the apparent attacker was the driver who ran over him or not.

The Guardia are also waiting to discover if traces of cocaine found in his body were in any way linked to his death. The drug had been consumed some 48 hours before the incident at around 4.30am on Monday.

Michael Grant was on holiday with his wife Leanne and their four children (not two as previously reported). The hotel wristband that he was wearing and which enabled police to locate the family was for the Sol Katmandu Park.