Time, it's fairly obvious to say, is lost by congestion. | MDB


The latest Global Traffic Scorecard from the US analysts INRIX rates Palma as having the third worst traffic congestion in Spain after Barcelona and Madrid.

The calculations in the study of over 900 cities across the globe determine congestion relative to population size and consider factors such as the amount of time that is lost by drivers. The average for Palma is 28 hours per year. The world's greatest loss is in New York - 101 hours.

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INRIX indicates that traffic congestion worldwide continued to grow in 2023. Of the 100 worst-ranked cities, 98 experienced more delay compared to 2022; in 71 cases, the delay increased by more than 10%.

The report concludes that the time drivers spend stuck in traffic not only causes irritation and anxiety but also adversely affects both physical and mental health.

It points to efforts being made to improve this, such as promoting more cycling. Paris is given as an example. However, Paris isn't far behind New York in terms of lost time - the average is 97 hours a year stuck in traffic.