How Pastoral Care assists children's Early Development | Youtube: Janine Rauen


The Early Years curriculum provides the foundation for all learning and pastoral care is the base of everything we do at Baleares International College.

Children’s earliest development and learning can only begin to take place when children have a sense of belonging, happiness, security and well-being in their learning environment. Positive relationships between children and teachers are absolutely essential in helping young learners in achieving their highest potential in all different areas.

We strive to promote inclusivity and participation for all children

Early Years teachers at BIC provide a nurturing, responsive and secure learning environment in which children can learn. Children learn to manage their emotions and regulate and respond to their body’s needs while being supported in finding their social confidence.

The Early Years Foundation Stage offers a holistic and personalised approach to early childhood development. Children quickly establish a strong sense of well-being in the learning environment. The Early Years learning environment at BIC is warm and welcoming and reflects the interests and abilities of participating children and families.

We strive to promote inclusivity and participation for all children and continually find effective ways to ensure all children have opportunities to achieve their highest learning outcomes.

Pastoral care

Three to five year old children learn through doing, through being active, by exploring the world around them and finding things out for themselves. Play is a very important part of a child’s development. Playing helps children’s brains to develop their communication skills. The simple games the children play develop their problem solving skills and their motor skills and are vital for children to lay the foundations for the more formal education which comes later in life.

Early Years teachers

Pastoral care is interwoven with teaching and learning and is strengthened and extended with effective communication and partnership with parents and carers. Early Years teachers at BIC encourage strong, open and frequent communication with parents to establish a partnered learning journey linking the classroom and the home.

This regular communication ensures that the individual needs and wellbeing of all children is shared, met and supported.