Every child received a wand from classmate Gori. | Queen's College


Throughout last term the Year 6 pupils at Queen’s College have been studying Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. They have been captivated by the Harry Potter novels and have loved listening to podcasts from many of the actors who have been involved in the Harry Potter films.

The talking sorting hat

The end of the literacy focus was celebrated with a Harry Potter Day where the children shared Harry Potter memorabilia with each other and came to school dressed as characters from the novels. Items included a talking Harry Potter sorting hat - the children loved being sorted into the Harry Potter houses; figurines, games, books, Harry Potter inspired writing equipment, cloaks, hats and wands.

Year 6 students and their Harry Potter world

One of the students, Gori, made individual wooden wands for every child - each one bore a special message; some of the wands were carved with intricate detail. Gori and his friend Sebi dressed as salesmen from Olivander’s Wand Shop as they presented their hand made wands to the group.

Each wand had an individual message

Mathematics throughout the last week was inspired by the magic of Harry Potter and the children loved their Harry Potter booklets full of crosswords, anagrams and word searches. Classroom displays burst forth with Harry Potter art work, magical potions and incredible dragon egg designs.