Lukas’ DJ Panda was a huge hit with everyone as he proudly posed beside the football penalties event. | Queen's College


Collaborative activities across various year groups are always exciting and memorable. One event which proves to be particularly successful is the infant sports day. Over the last 20 years this has been traditionally organised by the oldest primary students, Year 6.

The event has a theme, this year the theme reflected work carried out at school on caring for our planet in conjunction with “Save the Med”. Activities were set in jungles and oceans. The Year 6 students set the scene with cuddly toys of endangered species, an octopus, bears, tigers, frogs, snakes …. Lukas’ DJ Panda was a huge hit with everyone as he proudly posed beside the football penalties event.

The Year 6 students really entered into the spirit of the day by preparing posters for their activity and demonstrating to the younger children exactly what to do, giving extra tips on how to carry out the game with even more skill or success. The Year 6 goalies were helpfully “useless” at times to ensure delighted smiles on the little ones faces when they scored a goal!

Plenty of stickers ensured that completed obstacle courses, baskets and goals were celebrated, gold stickers demonstrated an outstanding result!

One event, “Bin It”, reminded everyone about the importance of recycling plastics, the aim was simple: to get the plastic bottle in the bin! It proved to be not as easy to do as you would think! This event proved to us all that you don’t even need sports equipment to create an event!

Luckily, although the sun was out, an early start with high factor sun cream applied, water bottles at the ready and caps on, we were all prepared. One week later would have been impossible given the recent heatwave!

The Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children loved their morning out at the Queen’s College sports centre and the Year 6 students were outstanding events’ managers! You learn so much when you actively participate in organizing a real event! It was wonderful to see so much genuine encouragement as the older students praised the younger ones for their participation and success! The primary team and the head teacher, Mrs Eaves, were all incredibly proud of all the pupils.