Congratulations to the Class of 2024 on their great achievement. | Academy International School


A Wonderful Graduation Celebration

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme students made us all very proud on Saturday night when they celebrated their graduation ceremony. These young adults, many of whom have been Academy students since Nursery, are ready to embrace the endless new opportunities and possibilities.

Our guest speaker, Mr Stefan Petschnig, gave such valuable advice, and advised them to dream big as anything is possible. The Academy team, parents, families and friends congratulated the Class of 2024 on their great achievement.

Outdoor Learning Day

The teachers and students at The Academy School really embraced the international day to celebrate outdoor learning. They did such a wide range of outdoor activities making the very most of our beautiful learning environment.

Year 1 did phonics and English on the tennis court, and loved doing maths in the garden. They visited the fish pond, did gardening and were delighted to see how much their plants have grown.

Our Year 2 group also enjoyed doing maths in the garden and were practising division using pebbles. They also loved sitting by the horses in the afternoon while they did sketching.

Year 3 enjoyed learning about friction with their Flick the Peg experiment project. They had to test various surfaces, measure the outcome, record the information, and graph the results for discussion. They did a great job and were very interested in the results.

Data Analysts

Over the last couple of weeks Year 7 have been learning all about data. They familiarised themselves with the new terminology, and how we interpret and display data. In groups, Year 7 came up with a hypothesis which they then tested by carrying out research on students across the school. Once they collected their data they then analysed it and presented it on a poster.

Year 8 had to interpret accurately a distance/time graph that was based on a race between the tortoise and hare. They had to write a creative commentary based on the data on the graph. The winners were Becca and Sophia who came up with a fantastic story that accurately depicted the story of the graph simultaneously.

Swimming Lessons

Since last week the children have been delighted to be back in the pool. Year 2 were very happy to have such a refreshing sports lesson and you can see by the big smiles on their faces just how much they enjoyed the lesson.