Nastic 1 - Real Mallorca 0

Mallorca away in Catalonia at Nastic, otherwise known as Gimnástic Tarragona, who were in the top six before the match, unlike Mallorca who were in the bottom four.

Just under four minutes, and last weekend's saviour, goalkeeper Wellenreuther (referred to by his Christian name Timon, presumably because his surname is a Germanic mouthful) was needed again. A fine save from Rayco.

This didn't bode well for Mallorca, but they came to dominate much of the half without posing any real goalscoring threat, and then, with Nastic coming into the game more, it was the splendidly named Marcos Jiménez De la Espada, born in Pollensa (which sounds unlikely with a name like that), who headed Nastic into the lead.

The second half saw few real opportunities for either side, and with the game ebbing away, Mallorca launched final assaults, Bianchi going down and there being a claim for a penalty, but were unable to score. Again.

Reina; Campos, Bouzón (yellow 75), Marí, Mossa; Tejera (Harel 73), Rocha (yellow 51); Luc (Palanca 84), Emana, Rayco (Giner 64); Jiménez De la Espada

Wellenreuther; Campabadal, Costas, Aveldaño (yellow 28 - Moutinho 77), Oriol; Sissoko (Ros 53), Yuste (yellow 66); Pereira, Acuña (Coro 68), Arana; Bianchi (yellow 62)

Nastic: De la Espada (42)