Almeria 1 - Real Mallorca 1

Mallorca away at Almeria, the home side in slightly worse shape than Mallorca going into the match, as they were in the relegation drop zone while Mallorca were hovering above it. The two teams' proximity in the league wasn't evident in the first half, with Almeria totally dominating. Mallorca's first effort on goal (Sissoko well over the bar) didn't arrive until the 35th minute, by which time Mallorca's keeper Cabrero had been called on twice. Despite the dominance, Almeria were proving why they have been only slightly less useless than Mallorca at scoring or indeed making scoring opportunities this season.

Into the second half. Ortuño had a decent header for Mallorca after ten minutes (not too high over the bar), while Almeria continued to not be that threatening. And then, out of very little, a free kick for a foul on Campabadal and Yuste headed in from Oriol's centre. Chuli hit the bar five minutes later for Almeria and soon after, from a rebound following Uche's free kick on the edge of the box, Ángel equalised.

As you were before the match, Mallorca three points above nineteenth-placed Almeria.

Casto; Macedo, Navarro, Vélez (Chuli 67), Morcillo, Dubarbier; Ángel, Reyes, Ramírez; Pozo (Sánchez 73), Quique (Uche 63)

Cabrero; Company, Truyols, Aveldaño, Oriol; Sabater (Arana 86), Yuste; Salomao (Brandon 90+), Sissoko, Lago Junior (Campabadal 58); Ortuño

Almeria: Ángel 83
Mallorca: Yuste 75

Almeria: Morcillo yellow 90+
Mallorca: Yuste yellow 26; Sissoko yellow 32; Campabadal yellow 82