The league leaders will travel to the island having not lost since January | R.D.


Antonio Raíllo has issued a rallying cry ahead of our hosting of Real Madrid today evening.

The league leaders will travel to the island having not lost since January, but our centre back says he relishes the challenge of testing himself against the best.

"Going up to the First Division allows you to play these types of games,” Raíllo told club media. “Playing against Madrid, Barça, Betis, Sevilla - teams with a lot of 'status'. You need to do your best, even on a day when they have a normal performance to be able to win.

“We will face the match with the utmost enthusiasm, knowing that there are three points to play for, as we did two years ago. We have to compete.

"We required to give our all. To compete and to fight for every ball as if it were the last. That is non-negotiable in the world of football. It is clear that if you enter into battle over quality, they will beat you, but if you enter into a fight of wanting it more, fighting for every ball, then I think we have to have that desire.

“We are facing a fully-fit Madrid team, but knowing that if we do things right, if we push ourselves to the limit, we know that we can get the better of them. Nothing in this life is impossible.”

While we have been on a run of four consecutive defeats, our centre back believes results of late have not been reflective of our performances.

"We have the feeling that we are close, that we can get points,” he continued. “For example, we go to Betis' ground and a draw would have been fair. On the day of Celta, with successes and mistakes and with many things to correct, the most logical thing would have been a draw.

“That's why we are calm, because no matter how bad we do, we are always close to getting something positive. If we tighten up a little, if we correct those mistakes, we will be close to winning the matches.”

Having beaten Real Madrid 1-0 the last time they visited the Visit Mallorca Estadi courtesy of a fine solo effort from Lago Junior, Raíllo is keen to replicate that performance on Monday evening.

"It was a beautiful piece of play, that classic Lago Junior run - it was spectacular,” he continued. “We have to continue with the same dynamic, with the same idea of what we did two years ago, and with the idea with which we are working this season, to work as hard as possible, correct the mistakes we make and make the game uncomfortable for Real Madrid or any other team that visits.

"I ask the fans to join the team, to be one more as they have shown all season, but now more than ever. We have to give everything in every game. It's not a definitive match but it's true that it's a very big challenge. These are the matches that people remember and it would be nice to do it again.”