Kang In Lee has millions of followers in South Korea. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


While a number of Premier League clubs continue to sniff around Real Mallorca’s South Korean star Kang In Lee, he has taken some time off from training to film an advert for a famous South Korean fast food franchise Arachi.

Real Mallorca has made the most of his massive popularity and following in South Korea and now has given his home country a delicious serving of Mallorca, in particular Valldemossa.

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The village, where Michael Douglas has owned an estate for over 25 years, is the set for Kang In Lee’s advert for the ‘Arachi’ franchise, whose speciality is chicken with soy sauce.

The Kang In Lee phenomenon, with millions of followers on his social media accounts is the main reason why La Liga has scheduled many of Real Mallorca’s matches at 14:00, taking into account the ‘prime time’ in the Asian market.