Back to the beaches. | S. Cases


After the brief interruption for some rain, the weather is back to normal and with temperatures that are normal for the second half of August - low 30s.

No weather alerts, and the outlook for the next few days is for temperatures remaining much as they are and for mostly sunny skies.

Forecasts for Friday (UV rating 8, occasional cloud):

Alcudia 30C, gentle northerly breeze easing to light easterly.

Andratx 30C, light northerly breeze.

Deya 29C, light breeze from the north.

Palma 31C, gentle northwest breeze veering east.

Pollensa 31C, gentle north breeze easing to light east.

Sant Llorenç 32C, moderate southeasterly easing to light.

Santanyi 32C, light west breeze increasing to gentle southeast.

Highs on Thursday - 31.2 Porreres at 1.50pm and Llucmajor at 2pm; 30.7 Campos at 2.40pm.