Sant Agustí, Mallorca. | Joana Pons Riu


Weather forecast for the Balearic Islands for Friday, May 28

These are today's minimum temperatures registered by the Met Office.

Morning rain in Palma will clear away by lunchtime and it will be mostly sunny for the rest of the day with a high of 24 degrees, a light wind and a low of 14.

Check below the radar on how the weather is taking place by the Met Office as occasional mud showers are expected this morning.

Calvia is overcast this morning and sunny this afternoon and the daytime temperature of 25 degrees will drop to 14 after dark.

Llucmajor kicks off the day with black clouds and the possibility of showers, but it should cheer up this afternoon with a daytime high of 26 and an overnight low of 15 degrees.

It’s 24 and mostly cloudy in Muro with sunny intervals, a light northeasterly wind and a low of 14 degrees.

It’s cloudy and wet in Deya with a high of 24 and an overnight temperature of 14 degrees.

These were yesterday's maximum temperatures registered on the island.

Check below the forecast for the next few days.

Four day forecast on the Balearic Islands