Illetes, Mallorca. | Humphrey Carter


It’s a super-hot Saturday in Palma with a high of 36 degrees and light southerly winds, but be warned, it will be a sweltering 24 degrees overnight.

The sun’s out in Calvia and it’s 35 degrees with cloudy intervals, a nice breeze and a low of 21.

Santanyi is 36 and partly sunny, partly cloudy with an overnight low of 22 degrees.

Don’t even think about leaving home without putting on sun tan lotion if live in Muro. It’s a scorching 40 degrees there today with virtually no wind and it’ll be 22 degrees overnight.

Soller is 37 degrees and sunny with occasional clouds, light winds and an overnight temperature of 20.

It’s very hot everywhere today, so please be careful in the sun and keep a bottle of water handy.

Today's minimum temperatures registered by the Met Office:

Weather for the next few days: