February was very pleasant, but there was a worrying lack of rain. | Xesca Serra


The Aemet met agency's report for February points to the average temperature in Mallorca and the Balearics as a whole having been 11.1C and 0.7C warmer than usual. Formentera was the warmest island, an average temperature of 13.6C and 1.7C higher than normal.

The average maximum temperatures were, on average, 1.8C above normal. At the weather station in Lluc in the Tramuntana Mountains, the average maximum temperature was 15.7C, 3.4C higher than normal.

The minimum temperatures were, however, 0.5 degrees lower than normal. The lowest was -4.3◦C at the Escorca Son Torrella weather station on the 10th.

Numbers of days when there were frosts were around normal - eleven days at Son Torrella, for example, were in line with the average for the month.

As for rain, it was a very dry month in the Balearics. On average, there were 2.4 litres per square metre, 94% less than a normal average rainfall of 44.2 litres. In Mallorca, there was an average of 2.2 litres (normally there are 45.2), while in Ibiza the average was just 0.8 litres (compared with a normal average of 39.2). At the Son Bonet weather station in Marratxi, zero rainfall was registered.

The maximum daily rainfall in Mallorca was 7.8 litres per square metre in Lluc on the 14th. The maximum for anywhere in the Balearics was 8.7 litres at Minorca Airport on the 15th.