Thunderstorms possible for later in the week. | Miquel Mestre Ginard


Unsettled weather in the second fortnight of August is not uncommon in Mallorca. While there has been some cloud around over the past couple of days and light rain in parts of the island, the Aemet met agency is suggesting that there could be thunderstorms later in the week.

Spokesperson Miquel Gili explained on Tuesday that a front moving in from the west is currently not very active but could intensify once it reaches the Mediterranean. This is expected to affect Mallorca and the rest of the Balearics on Friday.

He added that it is very difficult to forecast storms well in advance but that this front is being monitored closely. There are at present no weather alerts for either Friday or Saturday, as it is too early for alerts to be activated definitively. A yellow alert is for rainfall of 20 litres per square metre and more over a period of one hour, and an amber alert is for 40 litres or more.

If these thunderstorms do materialise, they are expected to pass by Sunday, when temperatures will rise to 31 and 32C. On Friday and Saturday, the forecast is for around 28C, slightly below the average of 30 degrees for late August.