A wet and cold week ahead. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Mallorca will go from enjoying higher temperatures than normal for the time of year to below average, as a “sharp drop” is expected over the weekend, according to Bernat Amengual, deputy spokesperson for the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics.
He said that a cold front coming from the north is going to push temperatures down.

Thursday, which is the day of the Immaculate Conception, will not be too bad with cloudy skies and a few isolated showers. Minimum temperatures will range between 8º and 12º, while maximum temperatures will reach 18º-19º. In both cases they will be higher than usual for the beginning of December, which are 8º and 17º, respectively.

On Friday, December, the weather in Mallorca will begin to take a dive as the cold front hits with rain and thunderstorms in the evening with a strong south-westerly wind.
Temperatures will remain high and could reach 20º; minimum temperatures will not drop below 11º-14º.

However, on Saturday there will be a “sharp” drop in temperature with daytime highs of 14º-16º - colder than normal for this time of year.
Showers and thunderstorms are also forecast.

The wind will be from the southwest with some strong gusts turning north during the morning.
The Aemet forecast for Sunday is for cloudy intervals and scattered showers. The cold will continue to be the main feature of the day. Amengual said there will be no improvement until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.