Hailstones in the ParcBit technology park in Palma. | Europa Press


According to the met agency Aemet, it is "quite probable" that more settled conditions will gradually take over from Friday because of the presence of a "somewhat" warmer air mass. The current wintry episode will come to an end or at least ease.

Aemet includes the Balearics in this report, though it is perhaps more applicable to the mainland, where there have been heavy snowfalls and very low temperatures; the lowest has been -14.4C in the Sierra Nevada (Granada). By contrast, there has been very little snow in Mallorca and the temperatures have only occasionally dipped just below zero.

The met agency adds that there will continue to be very strong gusts of wind in the Mediterranean on Friday. These will affect the Balearics, where isolated showers can be expected.

As to warmer air and more settled conditions, Aemet's own weather stations are at present indicating a different scenario for Mallorca. For Palma, for instance, the current outlook suggests that it will continue to be quite windy over the weekend and into next week, with highs of between 12 and 14C and lows of 4C.