Weather forecast for this week with temperatures dropping toward the end of the week. | @AEMET_Baleares


Aemet, the met agency, is forecasting a change to the current settled conditions in Mallorca towards the end of the week. On Friday, it says that a "polar front" will bring rain and lead to "a drop in temperatures to winter values".

Weather stations in Mallorca do at present suggest a high probability of rain and lower temperatures by the weekend. There again, and as Aemet notes, temperatures during the week - up to 21 and 22C - are above average for the time of year. A fall in temperatures, with 15C in Palma on Saturday being taken as an example, would mean that they are more normal for February, though it is quite possible that maximums will be lower than the Palma 15C.

Given the probability of precipitation and a drop in temperatures, there may well be some snow. But this is currently forecast to fall no lower than 1200 metres.