Looking pretty good in Magalluf for Saturday. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


Occasional cloud on Saturday, but a generally fine and sunny day in prospect and a quite warm one as well - pushing 30C perhaps.

Sunday, still with some high temperatures but a lot of cloud. The probability of rain lowest in the north. Aemet suggested on Thursday that there could be thunderstorms on Sunday, but weather stations aren't at present indicating these. There are currently no weather alerts.

The outlook into next week continues to be for occasional showers. Otherwise, a reasonable amount of sun with highs of 26 or 27C. At the moment, Thursday looks the most iffy.

To explain the graph below: An ensemble forecast in effect indicates the degree of uncertainty from running models with slight variations of conditions. The unbroken purple represents the best estimate. The left axis is for millimetres of rain over a six-hour period (alternatively measured as litres per square metre; it's the same thing as millimetres). For the next few days, therefore, the models suggest a peak of rainfall between Sunday and Monday. As this is a generalised forecast, it doesn't of course show where rain is most likely to fall (if at all).

Rainfall predictions for the Balearics for the week from Sunday, May 28

Forecast for Saturday as of Friday 7pm (UV rating 8):

Alcudia (16C) 25C, gentle east breeze easing to light; humidity 60%. Three-day forecast - Sun: 26, Mon: 24, Tue: 25.

Andratx (15C) 26C, light southeast-east breezes; humidity 40%. Sun: 25, Mon: 25, Tue: 25.

Binissalem (14C) 28C, moderate east breeze easing to gentle; humidity 40%. Sun: 28, Mon: 26, Tue: 27.

Deya (14C) 26C, calm increasing to light southeast breeze; humidity 35%. Sun: 25, Mon: 24, Tue: 24.

Palma (14C) 29C, moderate east breeze; humidity 30%. Sun: 25, Mon: 27, Tue: 26.

Pollensa (14C) 26C, gentle east breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Sun: 27, Mon: 26, Tue: 26.

Porreres (13C) 27C, moderate east breeze easing to gentle; humidity 40%. Sun: 26, Mon: 27, Tue: 26.

Sant Llorenç (15C) 25C, gentle east breeze increasing to moderate; humidity 55%. Sun: 25, Mon: 25, Tue: 26.

Santanyi (15C) 24C, moderate east breeze; humidity 50%. Sun: 24, Mon: 25, Tue: 25.

Sineu (14C) 27C, moderate east breeze easing to gentle; humidity 35%. Sun: 26, Mon: 25, Tue: 25.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Balearic Webcams (majorcadailybulletin.com)

Friday summary (to 7pm) - Highs of 27.3 Binissalem, 27.1 Llucmajor, 26.9 Palma University; Lows of 11.1 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 11.8 Son Torrella (Escorca), 14.8 Sineu; Rainfall of 0.2 litres per square metre Banyalbufar, Llucmajor.