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Some cloud likely in areas on Sunday morning; may be quite heavy in the north. There are no alerts for high temperatures on Sunday. There are on Monday (yellow at present) for the whole of Mallorca except the east and there will be for Tuesday and Wednesday, which will be the hottest days of the week.

Aemet is pointing to a pattern very similar to the same days last week. An anticyclone in the central Mediterranean will move to the west and bring with it very warm and dry air from the south and southeast. For Mallorca, highs of 42C or possibly more are forecast for the interior on Tuesday; 40C or more on Wednesday, followed by a general cooling on Thursday. Certain weather stations are still indicating exceptionally high temperatures on Tuesday - 44C in Inca and Petra (so not the 45 and 46 that was being forecast on Friday) - and with 43C to 44C on Wednesday in Montuiri and Porreres.

Mallorca temperature predictions for July 18 and 19

Forecast for Sunday as of Saturday 8pm (UV rating 10):

Alcudia (23C) 30C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light east; humidity 65%. Three-day forecast - Mon: 32, Tue: 35, Wed: 32.

Andratx (22C) 32C, light south breeze; humidity 55%. Mon: 33, Tue: 35, Wed: 35.

Binissalem (22C) 35C, light east breeze; humidity 45%. Mon: 39, Tue: 43, Wed: 42.

Deya (22C) 31C, light north breeze easing to calm; humidity 60%. Mon: 33, Tue: 36, Wed: 36.

Palma (24C) 34C, light south-southwest breezes; humidity 45%. Mon: 36, Tue: 37, Wed: 39.

Pollensa (23C) 32C, light northeast breeze veering southeast; humidity 60%. Mon: 33, Tue: 36, Wed: 34.

Porreres (22C) 36C, light east-northeast breezes; humidity 45%. Mon: 38, Tue: 43, Wed: 44.

Sant Llorenç (23C) 33C, gentle east breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Mon: 35, Tue: 39, Wed: 39.

Santanyi (23C) 33C, gentle east breeze; humidity 50%. Mon: 34, Tue: 37, Wed: 39.

Sineu (23C) 34C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light; humidity 50%. Mon: 37, Tue: 43, Wed: 40.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19.

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Saturday summary (to 8pm) - Highs of 37.1 Sa Pobla, 36.4 Pollensa, 36.1 Colonia Sant Pere; Lows of 16.1 Son Torrella (Escorca), 16.3 Palma University, 17.8 Binissalem.