Clear skies over Palma. | Javier Furones


It shouldn't perhaps be necessary for a meteorologist to inform us that there is an Indian summer when we can experience this for ourselves. Nevertheless, the spokesperson for the Aemet met agency in the Balearics, María José Guerrero, has done just this. Sunday is a day of very settled weather, warm temperatures and blue skies.

This follows some days last week when there was rain - a record amount at a couple of weather stations in Palma between Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The official Aemet prognosis for Sunday was for some intervals of low clouds. In the north, where the forecast was for more cloud than elsewhere, the cloud has been conspicuous by its absence. Temperatures across Mallorca are between 24 and 28C. The normal temperature for the final week of September is 27C. Breezes are generally light.

The outlook is for the Indian summer to continue during the week. It is usual for this autumn phenomenon to be around a week, its timing giving rise to the Spanish 'veranillo de San Miguel'. The feast day for the Archangel Michael is September 29, Michaelmas.

Popular culture has it that there is a second 'veranillo', one that is associated with the feast of Saint Martin (November 11).