General view of Palma Cathedral. | T. AYUGA


With the winter season in full swing, residents and visitors in Palma can expect another mild day ahead. The weather is set to remain dry, with a slightly overcast sky that won't take much away from the bright daytime temperatures.

The minimum temperature will drop to a comfortable 11.58°C, while the maximum temperature will peak around a favourable 16.77°C by afternoon. Morning temperatures are predicted to be around 12.24°C, while the afternoon will navigate towards more agreeable conditions, with a warmer 16.41°C expected.

Evening Chill and Nighttime Conditions

As the late afternoon rolls in, the temperatures will fall slightly to around 12.86°C as a pleasant evening gives way to a cooler night of 11.58°C. The feels-like temperature will hover around 11.82°C in the morning, 15.78°C during the day, 12.19°C in the evening, and 10.96°C at night.

Holding steady at 1028hPa, the atmospheric pressure will maintain the comfortable conditions, with a relative humidity of about 64%. Wind speeds will clock in at around 5.58 m/s in a direction of 26°, and gusts might surge up to 7.87 m/s.

On the whole, Palma's weather today promises a typically calm winter's day, ideal for a leisurely walk along the seafront or a relaxed outdoor lunch in the city's quaint backstreets.