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A mix of sunny and cloudy spells on Wednesday. The breezes will shift and be from the south. These are expected to bring in warm air that will push the temperatures up on Thursday, especially in northern areas of Mallorca.

The breezes are then predicted to be from the west and northwest on Friday, which is when the Atlantic front is due to have an impact. The current forecast is for unsettled conditions into next week; quite windy at times and with some rain likely but not necessarily heavy. Temperatures, as can be seen below, are expected to drop to a range of 14C to 17C on Saturday.

Forecast for Wednesday as of Tuesday 6.30pm (UV rating 3):

  • Alcudia (8C) 19C, gentle southwest breeze increasing to moderate south; humidity 45%. Three-day forecast - Thu: 22, Fri: 19, Sat: 17.
  • Andratx (8C) 17C, gentle south breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Thu: 19, Fri: 18, Sat: 16.
  • Binissalem (4C) 18C, moderate southwest breeze easing to gentle; humidity 50%. Thu: 20, Fri: 16, Sat: 15.
  • Deya (7C) 17C, light southwest breeze increasing to fresh south; humidity 55%. Thu: 19, Fri: 16, Sat: 14.
  • Palma (4C) 18C, moderate southwest breeze; humidity 55%. Thu: 20, Fri: 18, Sat: 16.
  • Pollensa (6C) 24C, calm increasing to light south breeze; humidity 45%. Thu: 24, Fri: 19, Sat: 16.
  • Porreres (3C) 19C, gentle southwest breeze; humidity 50%. Thu: 20, Fri: 17, Sat: 16.
  • Sant Llorenç (7C) 19C, light south-southwest breezes; humidity 55%. Thu: 21, Fri: 18, Sat: 16.
  • Santanyi (6C) 18C, gentle southwest breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Thu: 19, Fri: 17, Sat: 17.
  • Sineu (5C) 19C, gentle southwest breeze easing to light; humidity 50%. Thu: 20, Fri: 16, Sat: 15.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28; fresh to 39.

Tuesday's maximum temperatures.
Tuesday's minimum temperatures.

Tuesday summary (as of 6.30pm) - Highs of 18.9 Can Sion (Campos) and Palma Airport, 18.8 Binissalem, 18.7 Son Bonet (Marratxi), 18.5 Cap Blanc (Llucmajor), Palma University and Portocolom, 18.4 Salines Llevant (Campos), 18.3 Llucmajor, 18.2 Sant Elm, 18.1 Santanyi, 18.0 Arta, Es Capdellà, Palma Port and Puerto Pollensa; Lows of 2.6 Lluc, 4.0 Son Torrella (Escorca), 4.2 Can Sion, 4.3 Palma University; Gust of 61 km/h Capdepera; Rainfall of 0.3 litres per square metre Cabrera, 0.2 Can Sion, Cap Blanc, Petra and Santanyi.