General view of Palma. | T. AYUGA


Date: 24th February 2024

Morning forecasts: Bundle Up!

Residents looking forward to early morning activities will need to brace up against a crisp 7.5°C. The real feel temperature, factoring in the wind chill, is projected to be a slightly warmer 8.79°C, albeit still brisk. So, a good coat would certainly be reasonable attire for the start of the day!

Daytime: Slight Warm Up with Breezy Conditions

As the day progresses, temperatures will reasonably rise to a high of 12.98°C with a real feel peaking at 11.19°C. Meanwhile, the trade winds, gusting up to 13.18 m/s and blowing in from 275°, will keep the atmosphere lively. A 55% humidity level will maintain a certain freshness in the air too.

Evening Outlook: Cooling Down with Moderate Clouds

As the evening approaches, expect the day to conclude on a cooler note with temperatures dropping back down to a definite 7.5°C. The real feel temperatures will be slightly higher at 7.74°C. Accompanied by a modest cloud cover of 53%, the evening will hold a tranquility perfect for a calm stroll or an alfresco dinner.

Overview for Rain Lovers: Keep that Umbrella Closeby!

The weather system indicates a 53% chance for precipitation, so those who enjoy a light drizzle now and then could be in for a treat! Remember to carry your umbrella if heading out to avoid the occasional showers.