Amber alert for rough seas in Asturias.


A British tourist in Asturias and a German tourist in Tarragona are among four people who lost their lives on Thursday in rough seas caused by Storm Nelson.

The British tourist was swept away by waves in San Esteban de Pravia. He was on holiday with his partner. Around the same time, 1pm, a woman fell into the sea in Cudillero, some seven kilometres away. She was found against some rocks, and medics spent more than an hour attempting to revive her before she passed away. A helicopter recovered the body of the British man shortly before 2pm.

According to reports from Asturias, waves were reaching ten metres. An amber alert for rough coastal conditions was active.

In Tarragona on the Mediterranean coast, a 32-year-old German man jumped into the sea in attempting to rescue a 16-year-old boy. The Guardia Civil say that the boy was with three others in the Fortí de la Reina area. It would appear that he fell into the sea accidentally. The German man and the boy were both overcome by the strong waves and drowned.

Much of mainland Spain was on alert for bad weather on Thursday. Alerts are active on Friday as well. In the Balearics, where it is windy, there are no alerts for Friday.