When muddy rain falls, everything needs cleaning. | Carlos Barba


The Aemet met agency reports another mass of Saharan dust suspended in the atmosphere over Mallorca. This will be evident on Monday.

On April 7, there was a concentration of dust that the met agency calculated to be 2.6 grams per square metre. For the whole of the Balearics, this was equivalent to 13,000 tonnes.

With the dust comes the likelihood of muddy rain. The forecast isn't for rain on Monday, but there is a slight probability on Tuesday and a far greater one on Wednesday, even if Aemet is predicting only light rain.

Other than making the sky looks as if it's cloudy and bringing the annoyance of muddy rain, the dust can be bad for people's health.

Joan Carles March, a specialist in public health and preventive medicine, says that particles of dust would normally be expelled by sneezing and coughing or in saliva, but they can tend to be retained in the respiratory system and deposited in the lungs.