Expect there to be clouds on Thursday in Palma. | L. CORRAL


Palma will experience a day marked by complete cloud cover and a significant chance of rain. Residents should be prepared for a humid day coupled with moderate winds. The day will start with temperatures at 17.73ºC and will gradually rise to a peak of 25.39ºC in the afternoon before cooling down in the evening.

Temperature and Weather Breakdown

The minimum temperature for the day will be 16.93ºC, while the maximum will climb to 25.39ºC. Morning temperatures will hover around 17.73ºC, increasing to 24.7ºC in the middle of the day, and then easing to 23.6ºC during the late afternoon. By nightfall, temperatures will settle at 17.85ºC. Notably, the wind speed will be moderate at 5.73 m/s coming from the east (80º) with gusts reaching 7.7 m/s.

Humidity and Pressure Conditions

Relative humidity will stand at 48%, adding to the sticky feel of the day. The atmospheric pressure will be stable at 1015 hPa. These conditions, along with the persistent cloud cover (100%) and the 65% chance of rain, suggest that carrying an umbrella might be wise when stepping out.

Enjoying Palma Amidst the Clouds

Despite the overcast sky, Palma remains a vibrant city with plenty to offer. Make the most of the day by exploring indoor attractions or enjoying a sheltered spot with a good view of the occasional drizzle that might appear. Remember that the feels-like temperatures will be 17.49ºC in the morning, 24.48ºC during the day, 23.3ºC in the afternoon, and 17.52ºC by night – adding to the overall comfort throughout the day.