People seen on the beach of Can Pere Antoni enjoying a beautiful sunny day. | EFE


Yet another delightful day in Palma is on the cards, courtesy of generally clear skies, accompanied by mild temperatures and a touch of welcoming light breeze.

Now is the Time to Revel in Palma's Splendour

Morning temptations of 17.24ºC with the atmospheric pressure lingering around 1018 hPa will kick start your day. Further, the day heats up a little to 23.16ºC making it apt for enjoying the outdoors around mid-afternoon.

The comfort of a gentle south-westerly wind blowing at 5.58 m/s and peaking up to 6.34 m/s intermittently ensures an amiable atmosphere. The touch of slight nubosity covering up to 35% of the sky, and with zero chance of rain, makes it an outright pleasant day.

As the sun starts to settle down by the evening, the temperatures will slightly taper off to a warm 21.66ºC. In the essence of twilights, one can experience the nocturnal charm of Palma with a temperature of about 17.8ºC.

If you're planning to explore the beauty of Palma in the coming days, good news awaits as the weather is expected to hold up with pretty much similar conditions. Make the most of this favourable climate, but stay prepared for a bit of a surprise as spells of rainfall are common during the summer months!

Day Summary:

  • Morning: 16.89ºC (low) and 17.24ºC (high)
  • Day: 23.16ºC
  • Afternoon: 23.96ºC (high) and 21.66ºC (low)
  • Evening/Night: 17.8ºC