Flip Fly-Fira del Ram | Youtube: R&M Ferias


The big funfair with centuries of tradition

Friday, 4.30pm to 1am (Saturday, 11am to 1am; Sunday, 11am to 11.30pm; Monday to Thursday, 4.30pm to 11.30pm). Son Fusteret Showground, Cami Vell Bunyola, Palma.

The Fira del Ram’s association with Palm Sunday is nowadays a loose one. The name is taken from Diumenge de Rams, Palm Sunday having been one of three days a year when the image of Veronica - who wiped the face of Christ on his way to Calvary - was venerated. The image had arrived at the monastery of Santa Margarita in Palma either in the mid-fifteenth or mid-sixteenth century - there are two different explanations - and Palm Sunday proved to be the most popular day. As a result, a fair began to develop.

The roots of the current-day funfair lay with merry-go-rounds that were introduced in the late nineteenth century, when the fair was held on La Rambla. There were to be two moves before Son Fusteret became the location. Strictly speaking, the fair should start three weeks before Palm Sunday (which is April 10 this year), while it continues for two weeks after - until April 24.

This Friday sees the return of the fair, which was cancelled in 2020 and 2021.

N&T - From Joe Cocker to Palma

Friday, 8pm, Teatre Xesc Forteza, Plaça Miquel Maura 1, Palma.

Norbert Fimpel is originally from Buenos Aires. He learned the piano, clarinet and sax by ear before having lessons and then touring in Argentina. In 1998, he got a major break as saxophonist with former Supertramp frontman, Roger Hodgson. That led to a massive tour featuring other artists, such as Joe Cocker, whose band he subsequently joined.

A regular performer in Mallorca, known largely for his jazz performances, he is one half of the duo N&T with Palma-born Tolo Servera, who is principally a guitarist but plays percussion and the piano as well. Together, they have produced three studio works.

The most recent, entitled Our Songs, is full of original material, the previous having featured covers by, among others, The Police and Prince.