News of the day 5 September 2016
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All-inclusives are particular targets for the fraudulent claims, says the hoteliers federation.


Warning of fraudulent holiday compensation claims

The fraud typically involves claims for food poisoning, and a receipt from a chemist for a non-prescription treatment can be sufficient to press a claim.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

José María Rodríguez denies all allegations levelled at him over the corruption scandal.


Rodríguez lawyer denounces court partiality over police corruption affair

The appeal against restraining orders on Rodríguez is because these take no account of presumption of innocence or of judicial protection.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Would not spending on promotion reduce tourist numbers? The budget for promotion is very low in any event.


Scrapping tourism promotion is not an option

Podemos have proposed that there should be no promotion of tourism to the islands in order to stop "saturation".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Virginia López Negrete during the Nóos trial in Palma.


Princess prosecuting lawyer under investigation

Virginia López Negrete has been cited as under investigation for belonging to a criminal organisation and extortion.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Good so far for the UK economy

For the UK economy it will be a question of wait and see.

Jason Moore

Sport / Real Mallorca
Lago Junior frustrated having gone close to scoring for Mallorca against Oviedo.

Real Mallorca

An exciting 0-0 draw for Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca played their best football for a long, long time, but for all their pressure failed to put away a shed full of chances.

Monro Bryce

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