News of the day 9 March 2017
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Balearic tourism minister Biel Barceló and Palma mayor José Hila with national tourism minister Alvaro Nadal and secretary of state for tourism Matilde Asián.


Positive noises for German tourism in Berlin

Environmentalists GOB, no strangers to making an intervention at the Berlin fair, chose the first day to denounce the negative effects of tourist saturation.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The beach at Cala Mesquida was affected by an oil spill.


Cala Mesquida beach being restored after oil spill

There was a leak in the electricity cable that connects Majorca and Minorca in October last year.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic government wants a flat-rate tariff of 30 euros for inter-island flights.


Flat-rate flight tariff would cost Madrid twice as much

The flat-rate flights would cost Madrid an estimated 40 million euros a year.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Work on repairing Sa Pobla's water system.


Cost savings from Sa Pobla water monitoring system

A monitoring system for the town's water network will be paid for by the Council of Majorca.

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One of the slogans that appeared in Palma last April.


Tourism minister plays down "tourismphobia" anxieties

"Tourismphobia" is evident in only two regions - Catalonia and the Balearics.

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The protest in Palma against the education law and calling for more investment in education.


Students strike against education law

The education law, introduced by the Partido Popular government at the end of 2013, has always been controversial.

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One of the many meetings between taxi drivers and the transport ministry.


Proposal for taxi-driver referendum on government plans

The document the government wants representatives to sign is so "ambiguous" that only the whole sector can decide.

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Aena is planning major investment in Palma airport.


Parliament opposes investment that will increase flight capacity

Aena has announced that there will not be any increase in the number of flights.

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Royal Enfield has opened a showroom in Palma.


A royal classic comes to Palma

Royal Enfield has opened its first exclusive showroom in the city.

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Members of the South Korean team.


Alcudia welcomes the para-badminton world

The VI Spanish Para-Badminton International tournament being held in Alcudia until Sunday.

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