Aena is planning major investment in Palma airport. | Archive


The Balearic parliament's tourism committee yesterday declared its total rejection of any investment at Palma airport that will lead to an increase in the number of flights and passengers. This was despite Aena having announced that there will not, after all, be any increase in the number of flights and that its investment of almost 300 million euros is aimed at infrastructure improvements and not at increasing capacity.

A motion presented by Més also called on the national development ministry and Aena to arrive at agreements with the regional government and the island councils on the terms for the reduction in airport taxes that were announced recently.

In addition, there was a demand for co-management of the airports. This co-management would commence with a decision on how to invest 50% of the profits generated by the airports. This investment would go towards offsetting the negative impacts of tourism.

Calls for co-management of Balearic airports have been made for several years by parties both on the right and the left. They have never got anywhere.