The Balearic government wants a flat-rate tariff of 30 euros for inter-island flights. | Teresa Ayuga


There were angry exchanges in the Balearic parliament earlier this week about the blocking of higher discounts for residents' flights and the 30 euro inter-island flat rate. Congress had voted in favour of the national government vetoing these changes. The anger was mainly reserved for deputies from the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos who voted against the wishes of the Balearic government.

The national development ministry has explained the reason why the Balearic proposals were turned down. It was a question of budget. The ministry sent a letter to the speaker of Congress on 2 March. This stated that approval would lead to an estimated cost (to the national government) of up to 40 million euros a year for the flat-rate tariff. There is no budget for this. The current cost of subsidising inter-island flights through the residents' discount system is around 17 million euros.

President Armengol said that the ministry's statement and the subsequent vote were further proof of Madrid's "ignorance" of the situation in the Balearics. Her government has requested an urgent meeting with the development ministry. Armengol will be seeking explanations for what the Balearic government considers to be a decision which is harmful to the islands.