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ISIS suspect was planning London-style knife attack in Inca

One of the four terror suspects arrested as part of a Spanish-led pan European anti terrorist operation early on Wednesday morning was planning a stabbing murder spree in Majorca mirroring the London Borough Market carnage, a Spanish judge said.

Humphrey Carter


Abbey and Peter chill out sailing round Majorca

Abbey Clancy and her footballer hubby Peter Crouch are expecting their third child and have been celebrating with a Majorcan holiday.

Humphrey Carter



Shop sales start in Palma

July summer sales underway.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter



Starck super yacht in the Balearics

One of Philippe Starck-designed super yachts is currently cruising the Balearics and was phoptographed yesterday off Formentera by Resperalia Cystic Fibrosis Clinic of St Agustin, Majorca, who were enjoying their annual swim around Formentera.

Humphrey Carter

James Bond


A James Bond treat for Bulletin readers

The Bulletin has organised a real treat for readers next Thursday (July 6) in which they can see the famous James Bond Aston Martin and even met its owner, Steffen Appel.

Jason Moore

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What a mess!

The Brexit mess appears to get messier everyday and there are deep divisions in both Labour and the Conservatives which threaten to put the whole process in turmoil.

Jason Moore

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