The Brexit mess appears to get messier everyday and there are deep divisions in both Labour and the Conservatives which threaten to put the whole process in turmoil. Probably, the best way forward would be for Labour and the Conservatives to join forces and decide on a joint Brexit policy. This would be the way forward especially after the stalemate at the general election. But there is little or no chance of this ever happening because there is no common outlook on Brexit in either party. In fact Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s view is that Britain should remain in the single market to protect jobs so there is little point leaving.  Prime minister  Theresa May wants the best possible deal but the European Union will not allow her to cherry pick. Britain wants to remain in the single market but doesn’t want to be part of any deal involving the free movement of  labour and people. And Conservative and Labour leaders are effectively split. What many people didn’t realise at the time of the referendum is how important the single market is for Britain’s future. Hundreds of thousands of British jobs depend on it. So what is the solution? Well to be honest, there isn’t one. The Brexit mess could be avoided, though. Perhaps Britain could suggest a deal which keeps it in the single market but it would have to remain a member of the European Union on the sidelines. These are difficult times and politicians seem incapable of clearing up the mess.