Sailing Yacht A is currently cruising the Balearics.

One of Philippe Starck-designed super yachts is currently cruising the Balearics and was phoptographed yesterday off Formentera by Resperalia Cystic Fibrosis Clinic of St Agustin, Majorca, who were enjoying their annual swim around Formentera.

The largest and most controversial of all of Starck’s designs, Sailing Yacht A was the Frenchman’s second creation for Andrey Melnichenko. She underwent sea trials in the Mediterranean last year, and the 142.81 metre Nobiskrug yacht was handed over to her owner Andrey Melnichenko in February.
Officially described as a sail-assisted motor yacht, this divisive design comprises eight decks, with an underwater observation deck hidden in the bulbous bow. But Starck’s creations are no strangers to the Balearics.
Now a world-famous superyacht, Motor Yacht A was commissioned by Russian owner Andrey Melnichencko and launched in 2008 by German yard Blohm+Voss.

Starck spent four years working on the project, creating the interior and exterior design, as well as the design for the custom tenders, while former collaborator Martin Francis provided the naval architecture.
The mammoth $450million (£360million) sailing yacht was spotted yesterday evening . The 468ft-long vessel, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, was an impressive sight to behold as it set sail from the German Naval Yard in Kiel, north of Hamburg.

The impressive superyacht, has three 300ft masts that are taller than Big Ben’s tower. Melnichenko, who has an estimated net worth of $13.4 billion (£10.8 billion), is said to favour using the letter ‘A’ so that his vessels are listed first in shipping registers. Sailing Yacht A boasts eight floors - with a helicopter pad on one of the decks - and an underwater observation room. The behemoth is believed to be one of the world’s largest sailing superyachts.

The vessel is an upgrade to the Russian billionaire’s ‘Motor Yacht A’ - which set him back £240 million.
Melnichenko also owns a Boeing 737 - but he has now turned his attention to sailing power.
The epic vessel boasts a staggering eight decks and its keel incorporates one of the largest single pieces of curved glass ever made at 193 square feet and weighs a whopping 1.8 tons.

It dwarfs other famous super-yachts like The Maltese Falcon, which is 298ft and weighs 1,367 tons.
The cruise speed of the ship is 18mph and its has a top speed of 24mph. The hull is made of steel, with a teak-finish deck.

This has been used to create a stunning observation pod on the bottom of the vessel so Melnichenko, 44, and his Serbian model wife, Aleksandra, can enjoy stunning views of the sea.