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The Bulletin has organised a real treat for readers next Thursday (July 6) in which they can see the famous James Bond Aston Martin and even met its owner, Steffen Appel. The event will start at 5p.m. on Thursday at the Palau Solleric in central Palma, just off the Paseo del Borne, (next to Zara). Here, you will be able to see the exhibition which has been organised in honour of the late James Bond movie director, Guy Hamilton. The top exhibit is the famous Bond car now owned by by Steffan Appel. He will answers all your questions about the car. The exhibition also includes some priceless photographs of Guy Hamilton during filming of the Bond films. After the visit to the exhibition at bout 7.30p.m there will be gala dinner at the Tajmahal Restaurant in Calle Blanquerna, central Palma. Readers in true Bond fashion will kick off the evening wth a vodka martino followed by a feast of Indian food which would please any secret agent. Steffan Appeal will also be giving a talk on his love for Bond. The event is open to all readers and costs 25 euros for Bulletin subscribers and 27 euros for non-subscibers and this includes tyhe gala dinner with wine. There atre limited places for the event so call 971 788405 or email suscripciones@majorcadailybulletin.