Chefs Àlvar Albaladejo and Carlos García in kitchen at Ocre. | Nico Martimez

At Ocre, the restaurant of the award-winning rural hotel Can Ferrereta, in Santanyi (best boutique hotel 2021 by National Geographic Traveller), chef Àlvar Albaladejo has found a way to offer his clientele the perfect complement to his way of understanding cuisine. Same quality produce, same Mediterranean inspiration, same care for the setting - as is tradition at Rest Quadrat in Palma’s Sant Francesc hotel - but with a much stronger focus on ‘green’.

‘We wanted to offer here a cuisine that reflects how we understand gastronomy, but at the same time, shows the differences with Quadrat’, says Albaladejo, executive chef of the Majestic group restaurants in Mallorca.’ He put Carlos García, who worked in his team in Palma after having trained at the UIB school and worked at Toque y Mares, at the helm of the Ocre kitchen, and they began to include green dishes on the restaurant’s menu. Quite a success, recalls the chef.

The most popular dish has been one of the dishes offered in the tasting menu presented by Kitchens and Cook with Passion until 17 April, with limited places depending on the days of the week. Purple carrots sous vide at low temperature, with Grimalt cheese sauce smoked with beech wood and beef demi-glace (or vegetarian for non-meat eaters) with black truffle.

Style and elegance

The cuisine proposed at Can Ferrereta is as carefully prepared as that of the family home, adapting it to the environment in which it is located. There are a lot of vegetables, a lot of technique in the elaboration, but visually less ostensible than in Quadrat. ‘Here the dish is more about the design and hides a little bit the technique of the dishes’.

Ocre’s menu offers an attractive and well thought-out proposal. For starters, “Cabraboc Mestral” Pomada with lime and basil foam; tomato and oregano bread with Son Catiu extra virgin olive oil, for dipping; Mallorcan pastry with ‘Vitello Tonnato’ and pickled vegetables (a Mallorquinised interpretation of the Italian dish, prepared not with beef but with pork loin cooked at low temperature); Grilled onion fritters with traditional romesco sauce foam. ‘It is a recipe with a light dough that I started to prepare when I was 18 years old and that I like very much, with knife-cut onions and with an almond and hazelnut sauce’; safamaria with smoked Grimalt cheese and truffled demi-glace.

As main courses, Candied artichoke stuffed with peas and mushrooms, cured egg yolk and Quely biscuit crust; and baby squid stuffed with their legs, almond cream with caviar and bacon. We cook them in almond milk so that the squid’s texture changes, and we make a stir-fry with a lot of onion, and a stock that lightens the almond milk, plus diced bacon’.

Mellow arroz brut with pork loin

The other main dish is a mellow arroz brut with pork loin from Can Company. It is a dish made by Carlos Garcìa that has turned out well. He has given it a touch of offal, which is hardly noticeable, but which gives it a very good flavour, to which he gradually adds a risotto-like broth, nutmeg and tap de corti, with snow peas and sea fennel. It was a success on the restaurant’s menu and we have incorporated it into this edition’.
The interesting thing is to surprise. We strive to make sure that every dish exceeds expectations and surprises both in terms of ingredients and preparation, as well as in terms of the visual aspect. You eat while enjoying the experience’, says Albaladejo. ‘We have to calculate the quantities very well so that the client enjoys and is satisfied, but can leave a little room for dessert, which is always an important part of any menu.

This dual concept of our cuisine has allowed us to attract clients who are staying in our hotels and want to try the cuisines of both, as well as others who have eaten in other good restaurants in Mallorca and want to try our creations’. They know that with us they will enjoy a good and well cared for gastronomy and a very good service as you would expect from an establishment of this level. I think we have succeeded in creating a very elaborate and balanced menu for our guests to enjoy’.