The PINUP wines are an exclusive production created by Chef (In) and executed by the winemaker Tomeu Llabrés, from Ca’n Verdura Winemakers. | Chef(in)

Every bottle of wine has a story to tell. The new PINUP pack, on sale exclusively through the B-Style online shop, offers us the chance to enter into a cultural and artistic phenomenon which, thanks to the joint work of the Chef (In) brand and the Ca’n Verdura winery, we can now relish in the form of six bottles that establish a direct connection between the fruit of the land, the selected grapes and the careful production process carried out in Binissalem, with an artistic trend that at the time was a real revolution.
PINUP is the brand selected to name these two whites 2019, made with Giró and Chardonnay grapes, and the reds also 2019 with Merlot and Mantonegro grapes.

A brand that relates ART & WINE and takes us into the artistic circuits of London and New York in the 20s and 30s, when some of the women of the time broke with the stereotypes and clichés of the society at the time, creating a rebellious movement that sought to cut the roots with the previous generation, in which both men and women sought their independence by posing with skimpy clothing, as an artistic expression of freedom. To commemorate that movement, the people in charge of Chef (In) wanted to incorporate the graphics of a renowned Mallorcan artist, Pep Guerrero, on the wine labels, who has been able to pick up the aesthetic baton from the Pinup world.

Mantonego & Binissalem

When we uncork one of the PINUP bottles we must be aware that we are entering the vineyards of Binissalem, since this double production is based on total respect for the chosen grape varieties, which we can appreciate both in the single-variety wines and in the coupages. Tomeu Llabrés, the winemaker at the Ca’n Verdura winery and directly responsible for this limited production, has wanted to be coherent with the idea that best defines the style of Ca’n Verdura Winegrowers, which is none other than to transfer Mantonegro, Callet and Moll grapes to the bottle, in short, Binissalem wines.
In 2010 this Ca’n Verdura adventure was launched, without its own winery, using Mantonegro from the grandfather’s estate, recovering the variety and adapting it to modern winemaking methods.

Nowadays, the family has its own winery, but they work maintaining its original essence, the character and the family tradition, looking for the nuances that the different vineyard delimitations can offer.

The wines in the promotion
While stocks last, Majorca Daily Bulletin readers can purchase this six-bottle PINUP pack for 59€, with free home delivery. You can place your order by sending a WhatsApp to 645 852 817 or by going directly to to make your purchase.