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The first Majorcan culinary delight most visitors first come across is the ensaimada — the island’s famous spiral-shaped bun that is eaten for breakfast at most hotels with a café con leche. It is light, fluffy, sweetish and is easy to eat when pulled apart in bite-size pieces.

In most pastry shops you will see large ensaimadas sold in boxes. These family-size ensaimadas are eaten at parties or for any occasion when groups of friends get together.

The party-size ensaimadas usually have fillings of various kinds. Sometimes the ensaimadas are cut through the middle and then filled with whipped cream or custard.

These ensaimadas can can also be studded with fruit including Majorca’s ubiquitous apricot (the island’s apricots are among the world’s finest) and also glacé fruits. Those done with fresh figs are especially succulent.

The ensaimada is a unique contribution to Spain’s considerable pastry cuisine and in 2004 it was granted the European Commission’s Protected Geographical Indicator status, thus ensuring its authenticity.

When you buy a large ensaimada with the distinctive Ensaimada de Mallorca seal, you know you have the genuine item made according to specific rules laid down by the official regulatory committee.

There are so many gastronomic delights in Majorca that every meal can be like a voyage of discovery — you’ll be finding dishes you have never had before — and some of them are available only in Majorca.

So make a list of the ‘must do’ dishes mentioned above and tick them off as you eat your way through a great holiday with superb food.