Andrew Valente
Andrew Valente

Andrew Valente has been a journalist since he left school at 18 in Glasgow where he was on the Scottish edition of the old Daily Herald. He came to Mallorca to work as a freelance correspondent for the London dailies and Sundays, using that as a stepping stone to a job in Fleet Street. But he got involved in the Bulletin and stayed on…and on…and on…and now Fleet Street doesn’t exist. He still reads the London dailies and Sundays.

Food and drink

Not adiós, simply until the next time

I am now about to undergo another total turnaround that will take me back to my culinary roots: I am giving up food writing.

Andrew Valente 30/06/2023 14:44

Food and drink

If tabbouleh isn’t green it’s not real

Remember that your tabbouleh should be as green as a St Patrick’s Day parade in New York City.

Andrew Valente 26/06/2023 11:48

Food and drink

Mamma mia! Pizza casalinga is the best ever

So to experience an Italian pizza as done in the old days, head to the nearest Argentinian restaurant.

Andrew Valente 19/06/2023 10:31

Food and drink

Salads for all seasons

One of the surprising things about potato salad is that no two cooks ever make identical versions.

Andrew Valente 09/06/2023 13:53

Food and drink

It’s World Fish and Chips Day!

Cod was always the most popular batter-fried fish with chips in England.

Andrew Valente 01/06/2023 14:31

Food and drink

Crumbs! You’re not just saving money, it’s also better cooking

The ‘barras’ sold at most supermarket are great when they come out of the oven, but even two or three hours later they need a touch of the toaster to revive them.

Andrew Valente 19/05/2023 10:30

Food and drink

Never do frills with Sea Bass

Sea bass, more than any other fish, calls for exact cooking times and a very Japanese presentation: as minimalist as possible.

Andrew Valente 15/05/2023 09:53

Food and drink

King Charles puts quiche on the table

Although the quiche is considered to be a classic French dish, it has its origins in the middle ages in the German kingdom of Lotharingen.

Andrew Valente 05/05/2023 12:20

Food and drink

This marinara has no taste of the sea

So why is the best sauce ever created for pasta and pizza called 'marinara' if it doesn’t smell or taste of the sea?

Andrew Valente 28/04/2023 09:00

Food and drink

It is now gammon galore on my table

If you can’t find any real Galician lacón and you don’t fancy making your own gammon, there’s a third solution — book a table at your nearest Galician restaurant...

Andrew Valente 24/04/2023 12:04


Judy learned how to mend broken dreams

She now lives in Soller in Can Roig, the first house (and home) she has bought for herself and is very happy there.

Andrew Valente 14/04/2023 15:48

Food and drink

It’s newly baked hot cross buns this year!

The making of Mallorcan savoury and sweet Easter pastries is very much a family affair and it begins a week or so before Good Friday.

Andrew Valente 05/04/2023 11:39

Food and drink

Roast chicken must be kept very simple

When properly done to a delicious golden colour, this French classic served with a mound of chips and a green salad is one of the world’s great dishes.

Andrew Valente 31/03/2023 13:15

Food and drink

Sausages: ancient, tasty and extremely versatile

The thickest sausages you’ll find here are the Argentinian chorizos that are always on the menu at the island’s Argentinian and Uruguayan restaurants...

Andrew Valente 24/03/2023 13:11

Food and drink

Nutritionist hits out at Spanish breakfast

You’ll get your day off to a brilliant start if you breakfast on sugar-free cereals...

Andrew Valente 17/03/2023 12:26

Food and drink

Posh dishes of the Seventies

Chicken Kyiv has gone out of fashion and I can’t remember the last time I saw it on a restaurant menu, but we can do it easily at home.

Andrew Valente 13/03/2023 16:55

Food and drink

Never panic over a lack of fresh veggies

Lettuce, cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes aren’t, and never have been, one of the staples, those foods of everyday use such as bread and milk.

Andrew Valente 07/03/2023 15:40

Food and drink

A different way of making a lasagna

The three principal elements included in most lasagne are plaques of thin pasta, a meaty sauce and a bechamel sauce.

Andrew Valente 27/02/2023 11:34

Food and drink

Tall stories and I never liked them

“There came a moment when burgers were made up of so many bits and pieces they were too tall to hold, even with both hands...”

Andrew Valente 17/02/2023 14:46