A refreshing can of Palmanova Pale. | Origin Palmanova

Origin Palmanova Roof Terrace is delighted to announce its first ever exclusive craft beer created in collaboration with ADALT Brewing Palma: We introduce to you, the Palmanova Pale – a citrus pale ale with a mediterranean twist.

What started simply as a cool idea soon became a key project in 2022 for the team. To create and design a unique product fitting for the rooftop venue, from the flavour profile to the label design, something that would be well loved by customers and that they would return for. Moreover this was a unique opportunity to partner with another great like-minded Mallorca based company.

Origin Palmanova Roof Terrace
Some amazing views from Origin Palmanova Roof Terrace.

Keeping inline with Origin’s focus on using produce from around the island, they knew that some element of “Mallorca” would have to be featured prominently in the beer. After several tastings they concluded that oranges were the perfect choice – in season, and something the island is famously known for.

Origin and ADALT first started working together by stocking a selection of ADALT Brewing’s craft beers when first opened in July 2020. Sebastián Barceló, one of the founders of ADALT Brewing and great friend of the Origin Palmanova Team, headed the brewing side and focused on a mix of Mosaic & Citra hops for a citrus flavour and aroma, along with wheat flakes for a silky texture. Orange peel was then added at the final maturation stage to enhance the flavour and pack an orangy punch. From drawing board to delivery the process took around 4 months.

The "roof top beach location" artwork.

As ADALT craft beer are known for their quirky and fun artwork, Origin wanted the Palmanova Pale to be no different. Marta Zubieta (@onirical_zubieta) a Spanish graphic designer based in Bristol, took the “roof top beach location” brief, along with the citrus focus, and created an entire world of orange-headed, tiki-cocktail sipping, beach-loving characters for the unique and charming label.
The decision on the name was easy. A simple nod to the location and local reference.
Palmanova Pale is available exclusivelyat Origin Palmanova Roof Terrace (Son Matias beach) and ADALT Brewing Palma (Arxiduc Lluís Salvador).