Did you know that Palmanova is the new Palma? This is certainly true when it comes to the literal translation of its name, but also taking into account its growing reputation as a fun place to eat and drink, especially at the weekends. I moved to the area last year, with a fair bit of scepticism about my decision a) because it is supposedly too busy and touristy in the summer, and b) because it was meant to be dead in the winter. However, the longer I am living here the more it is growing on me and the harder I am trying to convert some of my friends - “die hard Palmesanos” - to join me.

I have already written about tasty and healthy food at Superfood Garden (open all year around!) and great drinks at Iroko, which is reopening for the season this week. Now I am at SiSo Beach – a spacious trendy terrace in Son Maties corner of Palmanova, which has become known for high quality meat and fish dishes, as well as their innovative cocktails. I was looking at Barman's Specials and “a magical ingredient” of Titan Marine caught my interest.

The cocktail came in a branded* bottle, served on a wooden tray laid with sand, with a diamond shaped glass holding a single blue coloured ball of ice. The secret ingredient was a tiny flower, looking like the yellow centre of a daisy. The waitress explained that I should eat the fower first and then enjoy the cocktail. I did as I was told, and the concoction tasted tangy, slightly tingling. On further enquiry, another lovely waitress told me that the flower was in fact an “electric flower”.

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I Googled it and learnt that it was also known as a “toothache plant” and an “electric daisy”. It was certainly a novel experience, but I am not sure whether I liked it or was freaked out by it. The cocktail itself was very good! Made with Skyy vodka, blue curacao, apple juice, and lime juice - it was refreshing, slightly sweet without being too sickly, and all around very tasty. The already mentioned “magic powder” (edible glitter) gave the drink a certain sparkle on top of the already bright blue colour. Even though I live and work here, drinking Titan Marine made me feel like I was on holiday, happy and relaxed. Chill out music and impeccable service certainly helped this feeling too…

Till next time – cheers!

*This column was not sponsored by Titan Marine; I picked the cocktail based on its description and only became aware of branding once it was served.