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According to many reviews, this is “the best cocktail bar in Santa Catalina”. I remember it from about six-seven years ago - when I was hanging out a bit more with the “yachties” - as being a fun, lively place, where I was very likely to bump into someone I knew. Over the years, LAB had somehow fallen off my radar, until last Saturday, when I went there again with two girlfriends.

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They ordered a couple of G&Ts and were very happy with their presentation as well as the taste. As I was “there for work”, I picked one of the cocktails that were displayed on a rotating digital display at the bar: Mozcolito Island. I was attracted to the way it looked, but the ingredients also sounded intriguing. It is made with 400 Conejos mescal, Ancho Reyes green chilli liqueur, grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, agave syrup and dried cayenne pepper. Following some further research (OK, a quick Google search!), I found that 400 Cojenos was “an artisanal mezcal of fire and ash aroma”, while Ancho Reyes was “a journey through the traditional process that brings the complex and multilayered flavor of Pueblan chilies from the earth to the bottle”. Sounded good to me! I asked the nice bartender whether he could possibly make this cocktail less spicy for me, and he agreed with a smile. Mozcolito Island was served in a tall rock glass, over small cubes of ice and nicely decorated with lemon and orange rind and something that looked like saffron, but I got distracted and did not ask. The cocktail was super refreshing due to its citrus components, but also tasted smoky and earthy thanks to that mecal. I loved it and I would definitely have it again!

Home-made pizzetas, prepared on the spot.

The next day I started writing this column, and found that they also offer “home-made pizzetas, prepared on the spot”, which you can combine with a cocktail or a glass of wine. They looked absolutely delicious, so I guess I will now have to go back and try some of five different flavours they offer. And perhaps another delicious cocktail!?
Till next time – cheers!