A brilliant solution to take back to the office, to the beach, on a boat or pretty much anywhere else! | JOSE COELLO


With a predicted heat wave and Palma International Boat Show in town, I was thinking where I could eat that would be a bit different, unique and fun. Then it dawned on me… What about if I picked a take away and ate it on the beach or while walking around PIBS ogling yachts I could not afford even to charter, let alone buy?

Plant Shack is making healthy food accessible to everyone. The business comes from the owners’ passion for plant based food, juicing, and healthy living. The concept was created four years ago, after one of the owners went on a juicing retreat to Thailand that cured her arthritis. Since then, the couple wanted to share their passion and knowledge with other people and Plans Shack was born. It started in Altea and Mallorca is their first franchise. Here it is run by lovely Sophie, and generously helped with her chatty partner Howard.

I first came to Plant Shack on the day they opened and have been back almost every day since, working my way down the juice menu, coffee menu and so on. The place is stylishly decorated, with some very cool lighting and green plants. The staff are all super friendly, very knowledgeable about their products and helpful in the sense that you can customize whatever juice, bowl or sandwich you take, within reason…

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They started offering their picnic packs this week, and I was really looking forward to seeing what they will make and how it will be presented. I came with a friend and we were given a Picnic Pack brown paper bag to pick our own small juice, a sandwich and a desert. I went with Happy Heart Juice, Jackfruit Sandwich and Raw Cocoa Banana bread. The juice was made with beetroot, pineapple, apple, parsnip, carrot and mint. These ingredients were meant to promote our heart health an circulation, and the juice was surprisingly tasty for something so healthy.

My friend chose Ginger Zinger juice, with carrot, apple, ginger and lemon, which is supposed to boost our energy and immune system. For the sandwich both of us chose jackfruit on seeded spelt bread (provided by Palma Bread). Two generous slices of bread are spread with avocado, then a generous filling of jackfruit, tomato, shredded red cabbage and carrots. It was fresh and full of goodness. I would definitely have it again. Other options on the day we went included “cheese and pesto” and “falafel and hummus”. All their deserts are gluten free. My friend chose a healthy chocolate chip cookie, with no refined sugar, its sweetness coming from coconut. It is as moreish and as crumbly as any supermarket cookie, but without the added guilt trip. I opted for raw cacao banana bread with coconut and orange zest glaze. Again very tasty, with a texture that I almost prefer to regular banana breads. There were also some very tasty millionaire bars with cacao and dates and a few other deserts to choose from.

The packs cost 15 euros and I felt that this was an excellent value for money, with the added health benefit and convenience of taking it away. Plant shack also offers juice cleansing packages of one, three or five days, and on my way out I spotted a flyer for loyalty cards. I made a mental note to take one of those next time, as I will most certainly make this one of my regular refuelling stations this summer.

As we live on this great island with so much to see and do in the summer, especially going into summer months, it almost feels like a waste of time to cook at home or sit down for a long meal. So, I think that these guys are definitely onto something with their Picnic Pack, and I can see it being a brilliant solution to take back to the office, to the beach, on a boat or pretty much anywhere else!