On the ground floor there was a bar, while the basement hides a restaurant and a stunning private dining room. | Mia Naprta


Earlier this week, I walked into Arlequín and my heart instantly smiled. I immediately felt that this place was unlike any other I have been to. Fran, one of the owners, greeted me warmly and proceeded to show me around his recently opened cocktail bar & kitchen. On the ground floor there was a bar, while the basement hides a restaurant and a stunning private dining room. The circus theme has been woven throughout this historical building. Somewhere else this might look tacky, but here it felt classy and super stylish. Every little detail seemed to be carefully thought through - from the quirky lighting to wallpaper to artwork on the walls and toilet doors. In the restaurant Fran showed me their exclusive whiskey cabinet. The bottles from all over the world looked beautiful and expensive.

Arlequín started its life as a cocktail truck, a “Cocktail & Road” concept. They have been working with Fosh Catering (as in Marc Fosh) for years. As we walked back up, I asked about the reason behind the name. It came from the idea that, when the times were tough at any medieval court, the king called for a jester to cheer him up, to chase away his dark moods and worries. Translated to here and now, several cool barmen will try to cheer you up or listen to your dramas, while making you some pretty genius cocktails!

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I asked Fran to recommend something he thought I might like, something citrusy and sweet, and I was presented with Masquerade. A simple tall glass was hiding in an elaborate sculpture of a masked head, reminding me of masked balls of Venice. Made with Arancia Malfy gin, Aluna Coconut rum, lemon, passion fruit and grapefruit Schwepps tonic - this was exactly what I needed at the end of a long stressful day. It was refreshing and just slightly sweet. Definitely up there with the best cocktails I have had in town so far! As I enjoyed my drink, I flicked through their entertaining drinks menu. There was a quote for each cocktail. Mine said “Behind the mask lies the true beauty…You!” I liked that!

So, my dear readers grab some people who “make your heart smile”, or as I like to say “who warm up your soul” and show them this Wonderland! I can’t wait to come back and try their food too!
Till next time – cheers!